Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally started the Brown Bag!

12:15  I got off to a lazy start today, sleeping and surfing, but I finally started cutting up the brown bag fabric following the idea of the Sweet Daisy quilt.  The only doubts I have are about the color scheme.  Maybe the original works so well because the prints are more pastel and have more white.  My prints are much more saturated colors and there will be a lot more contrast with the white....  but we shall see.  Maybe I'll use more solid accents and less white.    I've cut up all of one required fabric, and most of a second one.  My plan is to get the required ones cut up, then select and cut their partners, white or solid (or maybe a solid-ish looking print).   Then I can start to make some squares and see how they will look together....

1:50  Okay, all the required fabrics are cut up:
Enough for 1/2 of 42 squares.  So that means I'm more than 1/4 done cutting, right??  I think the rest will go slower, as I have to make decisions about which fabrics to pair together.  But if I follow the model, 70% of all the blocks have white, either border or center. Cutting that should go quickly, since there are no decisions to be made. But that's a lot of white....     I have up to 12 more fabrics to use, but I want to make sure there is enough repetition without getting boring.  I will probably use about 10 of them.  I'm also thinking of substituting some muted prints for the solids... like the orange at the upper corner of the photo above.

Anything over an inch wide I saved to use on some sort of strippy, scrappy back:

That leaves this pile of shreds to be "not used."  I'm pretty sure I'll be over 90% even without the back.  But I want to see how little waste I can end up with.

9:00 pm  Varnishing and working out, and going to dinner, took up most of the afternoon/evening, but I did complete cutting up my solid pink fabric, and one other print as well.   I think I may try a block this morning or at noon.

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