Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post-vacation Post

I'm back and trying to get into the swing of things again.   My ears are plugged from diving, so I feel like I"m in a fog.  FFFC Challenge 53 has come and gone.   Tromp l'oeil was the topic.  At this late date there's no point in starting something, even if I did have the time.  And I don't.   I'm not too disappointed, I think it would have been a hard one for me to do.

Many people seem to have interpreted the challenge as just making something "photorealistic" which to me is not the point - it needs to actually "fool the eye" into thinking you are seeing something - a three-dimensional something - that isn't really there.  There is one of a window that really meets the intent, in my opinion. This one could also work, if it were hung on a background like the background...   it would have been cool to do just the jeans, in an irregular shape...

Anyway,  I'm stressing about the secret block, which suffered over vacation, I had a big mess trying to sew it by hand, and spent several hours trying to add embroidery embellishment that I ended up hating and ripping out.  I'm planning to beg for more time - unless a miracle occurs tomorrow or Thursday.

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