Saturday, November 27, 2010


5:00 -  it's turned in.  To say it was done would be an exaggeration.   I had to rush faster and faster, and got to the point where I needed to attach the sleeve and wire, and didn't have time to sew it, and the wire wouldn't stay wrapped around the dowel.   The nice gallery lady thought I needed heavier wire, and let me have some, as well as loaning some wire cutters.  But the wire was not the problem, it was the sleeve falling off, and the attachment to the dowel.

Well,  if they send it back rather than show it  I won't be surprised.  I wish I'd taken one more minute to get a better photograph but I was afraid they'd be locking the door at 4:01.   Here are the only ones I took:

At least it's an item knocked off the UFO list.  And this evening I finished off the name tag too.


  1. Oooo I love the fabrics. These are the best pics of this piece.

  2. I finally got it back from the gallery so I can take some finished pics - this one was as I ran out the door, literally.