Sunday, November 14, 2010

More UFO's

I had a feeling I was forgetting something...  I also have my Moonlight quilters name tag to finish before the next meeting, and a "friendship block" that should be done by January.   But that's just one 12" pieced block... Nametag's done except the assembly.  so how hard can it be, right?  But it does technically bring me to over ten UFO's.

The little time I had to get into sewing this evening I appliqued down the pieces of Thorny, and quilted about half of it.    Since the batting is cut too short, and I don't really care enough to fiddle with it,  I'm just going to consider it  a practice piece for now.   The free motion sewing felt really jerky - the darning foot seemed to be grabbing too much, even though the pressure was reduced.  I see in the instruction manual that there are some other free motion stitches.  I need to try those out, I guess.  It's pretty subtle.  I think I will embellish it with some beads and embroidery.

Maybe I'll eventually put some of this stuff on Etsy for a very reasonable price and see if anyone shows any interest.  I have not set up my "Shop" on their yet, since I have nothing to sell.

I did spend some time Friday night and a little Saturday morning on the City Hall quilt idea.  In fact I got a fairly solid design idea pinned down.  And I have colors that I would like to use.  But don't really have fabrics in the right colors yet.   This one is due the 27th, and that's a hard fast deadline.  And it will be publicly exhibited.

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