Sunday, November 21, 2010

Challenge 51 is out early!

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US FFFC has issued this month's challenge almost a week early... so yes, more time, but also more to think about.

When I saw the topic -  Use only one shape - I immediately thought of the golden rectangle, which I had just been looking at last night.  I was hoping to proportion my City Hall project that way, but it wouldn't work out well.   So now I know what to use for FFFC #51 and how to pay tribute to my partner Jim Zervas who passed away recently.   He thought the Golden Section was an important way to achieve harmony in architectural design, and used it to create our company logo.  We've tinkered with it over the 49 1/2 years, but the shell has always stayed intact.

Some of the example links in the challenge post showed a mathematician who uses the GS in her quilts, so I won't be the only genius to come up with the idea.  I'm not sure how I can make this more personal an about Jim, but I have some time to think about that.  Something more creative that sticking his face in the middle or embroidering words... hm.

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