Saturday, November 27, 2010

T-5.5 hours

No time for posting progress photos.  No time for blogging, really.   It's 10:30.   I helped paint and helped SO with his job yesterday.  Somethings you just gotta do.  He's not really very supportive of this latest "deadline" I've created for myself.

The lettering is done, and  I pieced the sky last night (did some stupid things that made it harder and less fusing)  and am now working on the photo transfer design.  And the submission requirements.

1.  print photo transfers
2. apply them to quilt
3.  sandwich
4.  baste
5. quilt
6. pillow -style backing - no time to bind
7.  attach hanging sleeve
8.  get wood and attach wire
9.  entry forms attached.

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