Friday, December 3, 2010

"A Beacon in the Darkness"

That's the melodramatic title I gave the city hall piece.  It seems to fit the drama of the spotlights and clouds.

I was prepared and looking for it, though I wasn't sure what gallery it would be in.  It was still a shock to walk in and see it right there on the wall.   There was a bright spotlight focused on it, and it seemed to glow, just as I'd intended.   I'm pretty happy.  I like the way the feathery fabric looks like dark clouds, and I'm glad I went to the trouble to add the lights, they help the "glowing" effect.  All that quilting on the glass block windows was not worth the time, it should probably have had a more contrasting thread color, but I was scared it would  look too dark...  and it would have been nice to take the time to adjust the background color on the scultpture prints to match the stone color better.  They stand out too much.  

Here it is...

I would have been totally anonymous and just slinked away, but I  happened to see Katie there in front of it, which was a nice coincidence, since she'd helped me get some information about the sculptures.

Here's an enlargement of the photo.  Too washed out by the spotlight plus flash.  I STILL don't have a good clear picture.

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