Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Week day two

Day One was a pretty good balance between chores, errands and fun.   I didn't do any sewing, however.  I intend to remedy that.   I think I will have a go at a QUICK FFFC before getting back to UFO's.  The whole intent of FFFC is to learn to work quickly, not to create monthly UFO's.  And I have some sort of vision for what I want to do, nothing as solid as a plan, but a pile of rich saturated colors of fabric, that were inspired by Frankenthaler and Rothko.  

The point where my brain freezes up is on how to quilt a color field painting.  And if you don't quilt it, is it really a quilt?  Yes,  I know plenty of art quilters who don't feel required to quilt in the traditional sense, but I still have a need to connect what I do to traditional quilts in some way.

I'm debating whether the finished image should by colors laid on muslin to reference Frankenthaler's stain-type paintings, or whether it should just be color on color ala Rothko.   Inspired by but not imitating them...of course.

The other thing that's worrying me about taking this on is that by definition (at least my definition) the large scale of most color field works is what allows them to suck you in emotionally.  A little 12 x 12 overgrown potholder just isn't going to have the effect I want.

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