Friday, December 3, 2010

FFFC #51 - One Shape

Here are some progress photos from my work on this months' FFFC.  It is based on a partial section of the doodle I posted previously.  I finished piecing it last night, although I had to cheat on the red squares, the inner ones are fused onto the back of the piece, I couldn't figure out how to neatly piece them in.  
The close up shows the faint guidelines that I will use for quilting and hopefully for couching some red cording over the nautilus shape.    The challenge is due at 9 am tomorrow, but I want to take the time to quilt it properly, not rush to meet some arbitrary deadline.  Typically people seem to be posting throughout the day on Saturday, but I have too many other things on my agenda,  I will be lucky to finish it by Sunday night.   I TRIED to keep it simple, I just couldn't seem to do it!

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