Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Process today....

Check out these photos by Tim Shinkansen -  very "color-field-y."  I love them!

Sometime shortly before falling asleep last night I began to envision a color field quilt called Marriage.  that's what I'm running with.  It took quite awhile to audition fabrics, and I'm not saying that I love what I finally went with, but I'm not going to run to the fabric store and drop $30 on every challenge, so I'm working with my somewhat limited "stash."  

I chose mostly batiks because the texture reminds me of the paint texture in the CF paintings.  It's not just a flat field of color, but has depth.  (Until you get to the later pop-art stuff).

I've tried to cut rough, frayed edges as well.  This looseness makes it seem less like a cut-out or stencil.  Cut outs are fine if you're Matisse, but I'm not.  

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