Monday, December 20, 2010


I've pared down the holiday craziness in my life to a few parties and not too many gifts, so I am actually feeling some sense of calm.  Finishing off those cards and updating the blog stirred me to reflect on how much I've done with the quilting obsession in just one year.   The "Classes" and "Projects" pages go into details on both, so I won't repeat it all.

There are still many more items on the UFO list, and my goal with taking off work the 27th - 31st (besides relaxing and many other projects)  is to try to clean that list up.   Some - at least half - are within reach.  Others need serious focus or I need to face reality and admit they are not worth the effort.    I am notorious with my family for having half-finished projects lingering around for years, but at least I don't feel alone about that in the quilting blogosphere.

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