Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cards

I am consistently late with everything I do.  I don't really know why, I'm sure there are deep seated psychological reasons somewhere.   Who cares?   I just say that to preface the fact that yes,  I know that starting a project like making fabric Christmas cards, which I've never done, on the 8th of December is a bit silly.

Nonetheless I happily assembled my stash of holiday fabric, along with a collection of newly acquired sparkley fabrics (Can you believe JoAnn was selling red and green lame- like stuff for $3.50  a yard last weekend??  Bonanza. Also found a great silver lame remnant at an equally great price...  What's the matter with people don't they know quality when they see it????  ;)

So here's the selection, all backed with Misty-Fuse and ready to start snipping and fusing.   Also came up with some sketchy ideas for Xmas trees, and other themes.
What's the big hurry?

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