Friday, January 21, 2011

Side by side

Just wanted to see these all together.


  1. AHA! Thank you! I was trying to open & shrink windows etc so I could see them together LOL.
    OK I LOOOOOVE the new prints except maybe the stripes. But that's just my preferences and it's not for me and I am not a quilt aficianado!
    But my pick would be to ditch all 3 solids & the tiny polka dots, and add in all the new ones except for thte stripes. There...that keeps all your brown bags, right? But doesn't it add more than one new purchase??
    (I can see the tiny polka dots going with the new stripes on another project...something festive and birthday-ish -??- Both of them remind me of bedsheets or birthday cakes, go figure lol)

  2. I think the black and white flower print with the tiny pink dots has grown on me. LOL. See, don't listen to me, what do I know?

  3. LOL, you are SO much help! I agree on the stripes. But they were in a 99 cent bin so what the heck. When I was first laying them all out and pairing them up I was thinking about that design that had groups of two fabrics always paired. Now I'm thinking of going with that square block that had lots of white brought into it (I do have a big piece of white so I wouldn't be buying anything) so pairs are not as important although it is a two-color block. I definitely would not use the hated white dots with the other white fabrics. But I dunno about that black with pink... I will probably change my mind completely by the time I get back anyway!