Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Must be a Real Artist Now...

... I received my first rejection letter.   Not unexpected, but disappointing, nonetheless.  At least it was somewhat personalized.  
Dear Sharon,   
We know you are waiting for information about Sacred Threads.  We are gratified by the 
numbers of entries received for Sacred Thread’s initial showing in the DC Metro Area.  
A greater number of quilts were entered this year than were ever received before.  
This rally of support for the exhibit convinces us that the show continues to 
fill a need in the quilting community for a safe venue for our most sacred pieces.
We are saddened that we will be able to exhibit only a percentage of those quilts 
entered into the exhibit.  Each of the quilts has its poignant message and many 
brought tears to our eyes.  Your quilt, Cloister , was not selected by our jurors 
for the upcoming exhibit.  Please don’t be discouraged. We found that it was a 
difficult task to choose pieces that worked together, balanced the themes, and 
fit in the incredibly limited space.

Lots of other bloggers are posting about their acceptance, and I see some well known names, so I'm sure that the competition was stiff.

In other news I think I'm over the lethargy.  I think my mental health was somewhat screwed up as result of my physical health problems.  I've been trying to reduce the dose of one of my medications, but it seems every time I do, problems flare up.  Oh well.  I'm better today.  I spent eight hours out in the yard, weeding and chopping up shrubs that we pulled out.  I got rid of several overgrown messes, that should have been pulled out years ago.   

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