Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I think I mentioned that I've become a bit obsessed with stripes, lately. But I didn't post the evidence.  Here is my current stash of stripes.  A couple of them were already in the stash, but most of these were purchased on my trip to Seattle.  Aren't they luscious?

I had a few spare minutes this morning while in the vicinity of the Salvation Army store so I just had to pop in and browse.  I was thinking of a blog post I saw a few days ago (I'll have to search out the link later) about making a pillow cover from a men's striped shirt.  I didn't intend to make pillow covers, but might change my mind now....  Here are my finds.  20 minutes and $22.50 for seven shirts and a flowered sheet!  (I also promise to work on editing the photos to be more color correct).  Take my word for it that the four purples actually look wonderful together and with the sheet.  So I may or may not use them for the other stripe project, I might just make a big bunch of pillows.  

The pink and the aqua certainly belong in The Stripe Project, whatever that turns out to be.  The machine embroidered white thing - was just "why not?"  I can see pieces of it in something cute with the pink stripe.  

I hope tonight I can find those links again!

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  1. Hi Sharon I am Theodora that had posted my blocks over at Bumblebeans this morning,I see you also go for mens shirts ,I ask all of our friends to give me there discarded shirts all the time they look at me funny ( they just don't get it) your discription of my sunrise blocks is perfect it does look like that it just happened I really don't have eny specific plan in mind most of the time.I just wanted to thank you for your nice comment, have a nice Easter. theodora