Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stripes and Inspirations

Here is the post I mentioned last night, from Quilt Inspiration:   
Quilt Inspiration: Waste not, want not... how to make a mitered pillow from a man's shirt.

I'm excited to try it, but I also want to hoard the shirts for whatever this stripes project becomes.  This morning, just as I was scooping up dog food into Milo's bowl, an inspriration struck me.  Why then?  Who knows.  The inspiration was "Stars and Stripes."  That sounds like some sort of 4th of July quilt, and who knows, it might be, but I'm not into Red White and Blue.  (My bedroom was completely decorated in that theme in 1976 when, thanks to the Bicentennial Frenzy it was everywhere).  
Anyway, back to the inspiration - I'd been thinking about and looking at all the fun wonky stars showing up on 15 Minutes Play...  like the site logo...  so why not put together some stripes in the 1/4 square way, and some stars, in the wonky way, and combine them into a quilt?  

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