Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Part Deux

I didn't get the block done at lunch.   I had to run errands, and buy a new notebook for quilting info!  I got about 30 minutes in, enough to cut the white strips and make two sets of square-strip-square pieces.  Another 30 minutes should do it.  A lot of the time was spent figuring out the best way to mark and align the pieces.  Using the wonderful iron-off marker I got Monday.  I can't recall the name, but will come back tonight and provide a link.  

Did discover a great new site -  Quilter's Pastiche on Tumblr.  (Discovered via Pinterest.)  She just posts lots of photos of quilts.  Mostly art quilts, it seems, many by well known quilters.  I don't know anything about Tumblr. Guess I need to find out.  Between Pinterest and Flickr I'm not sure I can absorb anymore quilt sites, but this one is worth looking.

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