Saturday, May 28, 2011

City Hall again

I saw that someone else had posted an older piece that they thought met the challenge.  I really wanted to post "City Hall" because (a) it totally meets the challenge, and (b) I'd like some feedback on it.  But after getting it out, ironing it and rephotographing it, I read the comments and saw that the other person was gently reminded that it would be good to see something new.   Of course City Hall is new to the FFFC audience.   But my tender feelings will be easily hurt if I'm criticized, and I know we are really not supposed to post older stuff.  So maybe I'll link to it with my new (if I make one) entry, but here's how it's looking after added quilting to the sky and the stonework.
I sure wish I could take better photographs.  Natural light would help, but of course it's too wet out for that.  We've had over 4" of rain this month, double the usual for May.

I'm going to work on sketching out an abstract geometric Art Deco design I think.  I spent a lot of time looking at books last night, and pinning interesting photos on Pinterest.  I LOVE that site!  I created a "Deco Challenge study board" and anything I see that interests me, I can stick it up there for later reference.

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