Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finishing* the Placements

All but one mat is done.   Here's a shot of how I design as I go:   
I cut the largest remaining piece of the feature fabric (leaves) into three pieces, since I have three more mats to go.  There is more fabric if needed, but this seems to be a nice size to "feature" and still have other things going on.  I like a darker "edge" rather than letting the limey green run off the "page."  So I put a strip of this fabric that is left over from my purse and ruler bag.  I don't think I ever photographed the ruler bag...but I digress.  The next step was to add a horizontal strip of dots. I laid the pieces over my template and checked to make sure this piece of dotted fabric would fill the remaining horizontal dimension.  

I finished out the left side with some solids, I like the solids to frame or enclose the prints, usually.  

Then I tested to make sure the piece was at least as large as my template.  It's hanging out of each side, so it's big enough.  

I got bored with the big vertical piece of fabric, and wanted the next one to be something new, so I sliced it into four pieces.  

A few steps later, here's how that one panned out.  More to come... the UFO list has reached 20, and I need to SEW, not blog!!

*Note: Finishing, not "Finished."

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