Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Completed Placemats

Finally some time to post these.  I finished quilting the last two yesterday.   As always I learned things.  You should quilt first, square up later.   Well, that makes perfect sense on an ordinary quilt, but if you need to pillowcase the fronts and backs together before quilting, then you are stuck with whatever distortion your quilting causes.  I also learned simple is better (for the 1,000th time!!)  I like the simple ones much better than the overdone complicated ones.   Here they are - both sides of each.  I'm sorry, but I just can't get them to line up nicely.  I've wasted way too much time trying!!



 Then I worked on adding more quilting to the Brown Bag.... it really needs it.  I want to outline each inner square with ditch stitching, then do some hand quilted hearts and flowers in some of the white squares. 

I've also been spending time - and money - in tracking down supplies for the workshop next month.  Of COURSE I bought more fabric - she mentions "hand dyes" in various values.  I think everything I bought is dark.  Then there were paints, which paints to buy?  Brushes, an extra pressing sheet, fuse,  more fuse... etc.  I still need to order some silk organza I guess, then I'll be done.  (Me, done early??  WTF?).

I got rid of that wild blog template.  It was way too distracting.  This one seemed simple, and appropro to the rain that Just. Won't. Stop.

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