Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FFFC #57 Process continues

Here's where I left off yesterday.  I had to break and read some handy instructions I had printed out for how to make different types of backing from tutorials on Susan Brubaker Knapp's site. I sort of screwed up by not leaving excess around the edges for seam allowance when finishing.  (I ALWAYS do this, when will I learn?)   I want to do a pillowcase, as it's the easiest and quickest.  This is what I originally did on Cloister, and also City Hall.  I was surprised to read in her instructions that she completes the backing, then does the quilting.  I guess if you quilt neatly enough, it's okay.  I had been quilting through an thin piece of an old sheet as a backing, then adding the pillowcase over it.  This will be interesting!

The design has morphed a little bit.  Once I had the background pieced as I showed at the end of the last post, I laid a piece of freezer paper over it, and tried to eyeball a sketch of the design from my sketchbook, at about double it's original size.  (The finished piece will be about 10 x 16.

It's not quite as elongated as the photo would imply,
but I did end up making the base larger than the sketch.

Since the proportions were different, I had to add to the design a little bit, so I created a flower emerging from the fan.

I also added the little zigzags at the upper corners.  Then I started cutting up the freezer paper and building the pieces in sections.  The zigzags were easy, though I should have realized that they were not exact mirror images.  Oh well, too lazy to change, I like a little asymmetry now and then.  None of it was too difficult, though I'm glad I had this photo snapped, because it became a little confusing to assemble after my pattern was gone.  I didn't think I needed to trace it all over again...  But with a more complex project I certainly would.

Well, if I hurry I can get almost an hour more in before I head to work.  

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