Monday, May 16, 2011


Guess Blogger isn't the only one with technology problems.  I ran into glitches with my sewing machine and my printer yesterday.  Very frustrating and time wasting.   I bought a hard-shelled suitcase at Target and had tested out fitting the machine into it (tight but it may work).  I rolled it around a bit to test it.  When I got the machine back out and set up and started to sew, there were immediate problems with the bobbin tension.  I had been piecing just fine yesterday, but now was trying to quilt the placemats.  I finally got it back in action after trying all the typical solutions, but it made me wonder if it's really wise to transport it.  What choice do I have?  I don't trust UPS and I can't seem to find a good option in Cleveland or Columbus for renting one.

I also spent a lot of time without and conclusion reading about the conference and considering various travel scenarios.  I did discover a Yahoo Group for the symposium, which is NOT very well identified, just a link on a website saying, QSDS Connection.  Well who knows what THAT is supposed to mean?

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