Monday, May 2, 2011

Katie's colors

One of my many errands on Saturday was to search for fabrics for Katie's project.  I didn't find the fabric I remembered (imagined?) at Two Thimbles, but rather than drive around all day I decided to build a grouping around this fabric - very cool green & metallic leaf design - 
I'm not sure how the first two (left) will work but I think they can be slipped in, in smaller pieces for contrast.  I need to keep this simple.  I was not looking forward to six bindings, x 12 x 18 x 2... by hand, and doubting my ability to do a strong hand stictch or an attractive machine binding.   But I've seen several examples now of doing it as a faced back, turning it rightside out and topstitching.  That sounds better, though not as attractive (in my mind).  

Even though it's not quilt the right green to go with the other leaves, I was excited to find the Ginko fabric,  because one of my favorite horded FQ's is it's twin in this strange reddish color:
I may use it for the backs.  Need to figure out what batting to use, next.  And what design??  I don't want them to be too random, but I don't plan to have them all the same either.  

In other news, I was wondering what was going on with the Janet Fogg workshop, so posted a question to the MQ Yahoo group.  Glad I asked, because the info had all been sent out a month ago, I just misplaced/lost/didn't read/forgot the e-mail.  So now it's next week.  the supply list indicates that we should bring photos or clip art for "your piece."  Now I'm slightly stressing about the need to have a time-consuming new piece figured out before next Monday.  But in that funny synchronistic way that things seem to work, While browsing at the bookstore Saturday, I bought a Dover copyright free book of Fruit Crate Labels.  I've always liked this style of graphic design, and the book comes with a CD containing almost 100 images -  so I think I'll find my idea there.

Here's a sampling of some of the ones I like best:

Okay, maybe not - they're too huge, I'll have to edit first. But no time this morning.  I need to get my act together, and get moving.  It's Ebenal Arbitration day.  

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