Monday, May 30, 2011

FFFC #57 Process

I love Art Deco, so my biggest challenge with this challenge was narrowing down and focusing on one thing.  I spent some more time browsing books and pictures on Pinterst and sketching some designs... 
I really like the basket-weave texture I see in a lot of the ornamental designs,
but I'm not sure it would translate to "Deco" in fabric. 
 One photo that kept catching my attention was this one of the Chrysler Building elevator doors.  
Elevator, Chrysler Building, NYC, New York
You won’t find elevator doors like this just anywhere!

So I played with some ideas of the contrasting
background with curvy swirls over it...
Trying to remember to keep it simple...

Some sketches just didn't gel at all!  

I finally settled on this simple (ha) idea.

My first plan was to piece the background out of strips of fabric.  Oh yeah, that curved piecing thing -  not working.  gave up on that and started fusing today.   Here's where I am at the moment, finally done with the background, and ready to add the fan.

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