Friday, October 22, 2010

FFFC #50 is on!

I love the new challenge for October.  It is to make a piece that interprets the feelings of a haiku.  You can either write one or find one that inspires you, but if you write it's requested that you use the traditional 5 -7 -5 format.  It's NOT to start with a quilt or idea, then write about it.  In addition, technique-wise we are to feature "stitchery" either machine or hand.   Hmmm.

I wrote three possible haiku last night, but I'm not sure if I'll go with them.   I was very tired so they just sort of came partially out of my subconscious, and they are a bit negative...

Some aspects of Haiku are that they often invoke or reference seasons, or at least nature, and that they use the most simple, direct words rather than big complicated words, analogies or metaphors... at least that's what I'm understanding.

On the sewing front,  Yesterday I posted Cloister on my Facebook page and got more comments than I ever have before - and they were all nice  :)  I also got an extremely nice, complementary e-mail from fellow FFFC member.

Thursday was busy helping the Other with computer oriented tasks,  but I did get my hands on the rotary cutter for a half hour, and cut out the pieces for my Moonlight Quilters nametag.    Maybe some sewing tonight.

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