Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sewing day

Today was my big day to finally have some time to sew.  I got home from the Rotary garage sale by 11:00 and after a brief "clean-up-and-organize" session I started with quilting on "Cloister" a bit more.  Who would think that a simple 12 x 12 piece of fabric could take this much time and effort?

I still have to do quite a bit more, but after an hour or so I suddenly got bored and put it aside.  I picked up the Dear Jane project instead.  I watched this tutorial on paper piecing about 6 times before finally getting the hang of it, But when I did, it was really fun.  My first piece is slightly wonky but I think I can live with it.   I'm not sure how I'll ever do these little teensy tiny ones, though!

Last night I worked on the Orange Chair for awhile.  I was able to finish zigzagging the outline, and to do a little bit of hand work on one of the raw appliqué pieces. 

 Given the time that took, I will probably be reducing the amount of hand detail I put on it.  At least before Monday.   If I want to show it Monday, I have to finish quilting and binding this weekend.  ACK! I was working on that other stuff - uh why???

Tried a little more hand embroidering, but the glued/fused chair is not holding up to that handling.  I have to machine quilt that down before I do more, but don't want to interfere with the football game/nap.  So, I might as well piece another Dear Jane.  I did this one with strips, but I see why people like paper piecing.  I am picking off all the easy ones first, and am still not very exact.  I hope I am close enough.  I wish I'd saved this dark fabric for one of the less bold blocks.

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  1. I love that chair quilt!!!! Beautiful! Reminds me a bit of the children's book, "A Chair for My Mother," which is really touching. The older grandkid should be old enough to share it with...