Monday, October 25, 2010

Priorities again

Once again, life seems to have taken priority over quilting.   The plan for the weekend was to spend Saturday helping the Other shop for an purchase all the technological accouterments needed for his new business, and Sunday would be a little bit of housework and then sewing.   But the "little bit" burgeoned into changing the winter/summer clothes around, more time on the Rotary paperwork monster, clearing out the dead plants and putting away the pots on the deck, cleaning bird cages, washing dog cookie drool from the wood floor, washing rugs and bedding, which then led to repairing the velcro on the duvet (at least I fired up the sewing machine for that) ...   Sigh.  Then there was for some reason more than the usual neuro. pain that slowed me down, and sapped my motivation in the evening.

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