Sunday, October 17, 2010

No quilting this weekend

Once again, life got in the way of quilting.  But I had a great, full day in Vancouver yesterday with two old friends and one new one.  I've known Christina and Larry since my first year in Syracuse, 1978.  Thanks to Christina's diligence we've stayed in touch on and off for thirty-two years.   I'm not sure that's possible since we all look exactly the same as we did then, but that's what the calendar is telling us.  Larry's sister Kathy, who I've only briefly met was along for a quick vacation from Buffalo, too.   We had a fun day, including the Anthropology Museum at UBC, Purdy's Chocolates, and dinner at a great Indian restaurant.  It was good to catch up, and again, I wonder why I don't go to Vancouver more often?

That was my good excuse for the first half of the weekend.  I'm not quite sure where today went.  Helping G. write a resume, book shopping in Fairhaven, tackling the paper monster inhabiting my desk, paperwork, filing, bills, and Seahawks football game.  That's where, I guess.   I did manage to sketch out the still life, finally, for my Artitude Challenge group.   But I'm a bit afraid that group is not coalescing.  And we're having trouble posting photos to the blog, which will make it "challenging"  ha. ha.  Sorry.

And, somehow, the October FFFC is coming up this week - bcs. there are too many Fridays in October, I guess.  I'm not done with the last piece.

Sadly, I've done very little sewing since I got the new machine, and the free motion work I did on the Orange Chair has some serious tension issues.  I think I was pulling up on the fabric, maybe.  But it was disappointing.

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