Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Realizing that the next FFFC is coming out TOMORROW panicked me into action last night.   I really wanted to finish Challenge #49 before #50 came out.   I did a lot of quilting on it - did the leaves, the red brick and the brown archway.  (Will add a pic tonight)  All that's left is the dark red stone area - which is very puffy as a result of quilting all the areas around it.

Also have a few structural failures where the raw edges pulled away from stitching.   I'm not sure if I should attempt to fix them as it's likely that I will just make it worse.   So I have a late meeting but I should still be able to finish the quilting.  I haven't decided how to finish or bind it. I would like to choose a pillowcase, or maybe a satin stitch method, because the traditional sewn binding takes so long, but I don't want to risk messing it up, either.

Overall I'm not extremely happy with it.  The quilting just created too many busy lines, and overly complicates the image.  It should have been bigger, or less busy, or both.  Oh well, this is all about learning.   I don't expect to be as lucky as the woman who received an offer to buy her first entry!

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