Monday, October 11, 2010

Guild Tonight

Tonight is the Moonlight Quilter's Guild meeting, but I'm not close to finishing the chair.  I spent most of the weekend driving from errand to errand, it seems, and being frustrated at every turn.  The cheap paint scraper I bought kept dropping the blade on the ground (while I was on the ladder).   Chrome decided that Continental Airlines is not a safe site and shut itself down loosing all my data twice.  I had to fall back on IE.  Horrors!  But I did finally get the Honduras trip booked.

I got to the Chair at 7 pm last night.   As I feared, quilting the entire chair outline first made for some bumps and tucks as I tried to do the inside.  Plus the thread kept breaking or tangling.  I hated the way the taupe colored Metrolene showed up on the orange so I ripped that out a few times.   I finally quit in frustration and switched to free-motion quilting the background, which went much better,  for a while.  Then that started tangling too.

So that's as far as I am.  I don't know what the protocol for show and tell is,  if I should not bring an incomplete piece... I'll take it and see if I need to hide it under my seat.

I did have one inspiration after I got it all re-ironed out.  Since it is an upholstered CHAIR I can add some additional puffy batting into the spots that are too loose, and give it more thickness.

Maybe I'll get to come home at lunch!  I'm meeting A. at 5:00 for dinner before the meeting,  so there's no time left.

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