Sunday, October 31, 2010

ICE is done!

Although the "deadline" was 9 am yesterday, I was just aiming to get it done this weekend.  Making and attaching the icicles was easy, and free-motioning quilting them with silver thread was really fun.  But when I started trying to do more free-motion on the snow I started having trouble with the thread breaking and not being able to make nice smooth lines.  So I relapsed into straight-line walking foot quilting.  One of the quilts I admired most from this challenge made good use of parallel lines, but they were undulating with the landscape.  Mine at least accentuated the verticality  of the icicles, but they are too geometric for my taste.

I wrote more about it on the FFFC site.   Goals I achieved: getting done quickly.  Trying to be more abstract... some, not much, but at least not copying a photograph.  Trying metallic thread.  good on the ice, not so good on the snow.  Staying with 12 x 12 -  I already hacked a lot off the top to get it to this size, it just didn't WANT to be square.

Ran out of thread on the blue:  Note to self, those little teensy spools have about four feet of thread on them.

P.S.  I even finished the binding, traditional style, in between handing out treats Halloween night.

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