Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Best Art Quilts Ever.

I was searching for another link, the one about "Just do the work," and I stumbled on this person in an old Google link here.   Karen Kamenetzky. 
Seed Dreaming I by Karen Kamentzky
I was hesitant to show her photo,  but I see in her blog, she has shown other artists' work, with credit.  I wish I could show everything she's ever done,  but just go to her blog.  She does interpretations from microscopic photos of cells.  It seems familiar, maybe was in Quilting Arts?  But I think I would remember being totally blown away by someone.  Her work is everything I love and want to do.   Sadly I can't find the quote I wanted.  Although I printed it out, I won't post it without knowing who to credit it to.  Why didn't I put a name on it?!

But anyway,  Kamenetzky.  Wow.  Love it!

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