Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Art quilts -  I struggle so much with not wanting to “copy” or be lumped into a category, I worry worry worry about finding my own voice.  So much so that I don’t do anything.   As I mentioned a couple posts back, I think that if I just go ahead and let myself be derivative and trite at least I will get started.

What if I take a list of 10 (or whatever number) simple topics to address, and a list of ten techniques I want to try, then randomly match them up?

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  1. I struggle with this too - I think most of us quilters do! Sometimes I just have to quit looking at other peoples work for a while so I can work on my own stuff without being influenced.

    Also, thanks for your comment you just posted on my blog! I wanted to email my thanks but you're set to no-reply:) I think using the same secondary fabric throughout helped the sampler be cohesive!