Thursday, March 10, 2011


Last night I submitted Cloister to the Sacred Threads exhibition.  I was not entirely happy because I didn't have time to properly finish the binding.   I had first done a pillowcase style binding when I did it for FFFC, and to do that I clipped the corners.  Now trying to put a straight binding on it with those corners clipped was not working.

I think this is the one I ended up submitting.

So it looks a little wonky.  I don't know what the standards are for this particular show, I just know I've heard it mentioned in several places.  Co-incidentally the church where it's shown is right down the street from my brother's house.   So if it's accepted I have to fix up the binding.  But I'm not holding my breath.

Then I went back to working on the brown bag. I thought I had 90 blocks.  I decided to make 10 more.  I got 6 done, then counted again and I only had 93.  So I dunno.   I'm just gonna make 5 more white blocks then start trimming and laying it out.  After Planning Commission tonight.

Now it seems I have 96 blocks.  I guess I was just too tired to count last night.  I'm trimming them all down from what was supposed to be 10.5 to an even 10 (rough - 9.5 finished).  I was not very exact in my cutting or sewing I guess.  I decided tentatively to make it 9 x 10 blocks - so it should finish at 85.5 x 95 inches.  A good double bed size.  If I get there and it seems like it needs a border, that would be fine too.

I've trimmed about 40 of them tonight, should be done trimming tomorrow, and start assembling it over the weekend.  It will go together fast - knock on wood.

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