Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stolen Moments

I think that is what I will name the quilt, because that's how I'm getting it done.  I rush to get dressed and showered so I can put in 20 minutes before work, I zip home during my lunch hour, after working on the rental and eating dinner at 8:30 pm I run a pile through the sewing machine, then take the pin cushion to bed to pin the next group.   THAT could be dangerous!

Anyway,  the next group of blocks is the prints with white borders.  29 of them.  This is a bit short, but I'm waiting until I do the layout to see what I need to add to balance the colors.  So I am almost half done with this group, I'm doing the short side first, and have about 4-5 more to do before I start pinning long sides.  Might get this done at lunch if I'm lucky.

Tonight I have to wash drapes at the laundromat before I can come home and sew.

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