Friday, March 25, 2011

Backing done

The weekend was not as productive, quilting-wise, as I’d hoped.  That was because it was productive with other things like yard work, housework, paperwork, etc.   I did manage to get the backing piece sewed together by about 9:45 last night.  Of course I put the last piece on backward from what I’d intended, but I doubt that anyone but me could tell – the whole thing was just and exercise in creatively using up scraps, anyway.   So I will not waste the time to redo it.     I hope that the Other will be able to help me prepare the sandwich this evening.  That’s the only way I’ll ever get it quilted by Friday.      I think I want to enjoy this process more than I want to rush to submit it...  I think.

The backing piece for the Brown Bag quilt has been pieced finally.
Notice the set of strips on the left, these represent the last remaining parts of the four gift fabrics.  Every time I look at them, I wonder why I didn't just do something simple with them?!?!   Nah.  I will love having this on my bed when it's done,  I'm sure!   The four leftover blocks are pretty obvious. though I added more leftovers to them to get them up to a 24" width.   On the right are left over six-inch squares from the block middles.  I arranged them into four-square units with one white piece each (that was just the way the proportions of pieces best worked out).  then I pieced the four-squares into 16-square units that were also 24" in width.   Next to the 16's are the remaining leftovers.  Anything that was big enough was put into a 6" strip.  remains greater than an inch were made into fabric that was at least 6", and added into the mix.   Then the left over strips that were about one inch were strung into a strip.   And there you have it!   The back, overall, was made out of 20" wide strips alternating with 24" wide strips, since that was most efficient to cut out of 44" wide fabric.

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