Monday, March 21, 2011

Top is done!

I sewed the final seam last night, assembling the entire top.  I spread it out on the bed just to get a visual, but since Greg was also in it, I didn't take a photo.  ;)
I will this evening.   This morning in my stolen moments I continued piecing the scrap and leftover bits.  I spent some time on CAD drawing up a design to intersperse all the leftovers across the field of the back.  I abandoned that as too time consuming and not really attractive.   Instead I'm going to group them in larger fields -  I have seven 12" four-patches, and five leftover blocks.  If I border the blocks so that they are also 12" then I'll have 12 squares, that I can group together into three 24" squares.   There are 2-3 other leftovers that will be patched in, then I get out the Kona Snow white cotton and piece the back.  Then the sandwich.  I think I will use basting spray in addition to pinning, I have not tried working with anything this huge before, so I want to make sure the whole thing doesn't start shifting and bunching up.  Pics tonight, I promise.

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