Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Wwwhew.  It's been a long tedious day, with lots of meetings with engineers and lawyers about problems and issues.  Started with being late for my 9:00 meeting, and went right straight thru the day with pretty much non-stop appointments and meetings.  Only had about 30 minutes free at noon, when I tried to run out to Trader Joe's and buy goodies for the book club meeting I was hosting tonight.  But didn't find everthing I needed, and was still late to the 12:30 appointment becuase there is NO parking in the stupid lot at Joe's.  Why this city insists that a home based business put in 8 spots when they have one client at a time, but let a chain store like Joe's get away without adding any parking to a tiny shared lot.  Grrr.

I had about 20 minutes between getting done with the 12:30 meeting and being due at the 4:00 one, so I decided to relax and click through quilt pics on Flickr.  That turned into an irritation instead of an enjoyment because I discovered that one of the people/sites that I follow had decided to block me... could still see her pictures but not "Favorite" them.   Long boring story and I think that it is straightened out, but I got my feelings injured, and it sort of slanted my feeling about the whole Flickr thing from a warm caring sharing open community to... I don't know... something less.  But I'll get over it.  She apologized, but I don't really understand the whole point of blocking somebody.   I know there are always creeps and weirdos out there, but I didn't think I'd done anything to deserve being treated like one.  

Anyway, enough with the rant!
Here's the good thing about Fat Tuesday -  it's also Fat Quarter Tuesday at Fabric Etc!  20 fat quarters = $20.00

Did I go a bit overboard?  You decide:

There's a nice variety of greens which I seem to never have enough of, and some other neutral/solids,  then a bunch of black & white prints,  then a bunch of funky/fun brights and prints, and then stripes!  I grabbed a lot of stripes, having been really inspired by some works I've seen -  on Flickr - like Mariquilts.  

I think I'll go fondle them now.

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