Thursday, January 13, 2011

Countdown to Vacation

With only 8 days to go until I leave for Honduras, I'm starting to descend into panic mode.  Lots to get done, travel issues to work out,  work that needs to happen while I'm gone.

So I did what any sane quilter would do - agreed to make a block for a project that will be very visible, and will need to be done less than a week after I get back.    I'm out of my mind.  My idea was to get it sewn, so I could take embroidery thread and beads on the trip to work on... but that's silly.  And complicated.  And more stuff to pack....   I might need to back out.  But I really WAAAAANT toooo...    There will be a lot of down time in the airports and on flights and buses....   if I can get it to that point, and efficiently pack the tools and materials needed.

I am really excited that Artitude is getting back together, and there's lots of energy around that.  I spent a little time posting some files last night, but that shouldn't take any more attention now.   I know I won't be working on the January challenge and probably not the February one..but it seems there are enough interested people to keep the group afloat now.   And I won't be doing the January FFFC, either.  

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