Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playing with a possible pattern

I've been looking at quilts on Flickr and found one that I think I like, and can easily produce.  I won't use the name, because it's probably copyrighted, but I'm not going to reproduce it exactly anyway.   It has simple strip-pieced blocks with the same two fabrics paired in each block.  There are 6-7 pairs in each quilt.  Here are the potential pairs I'm looking at.

My concern is that the quilts I've seen on line were all created from one fabric line, so that all the pairs go together, by default. Except maybe this?  If I am doing my own thing, I may end up with a mish-mash.   Red and Hot pink??
Anyway,  here are six possible pairs.  I like the batik swirls with the AH fab.  I like the pink with the green.
Concerns: Will the white dots disappear adjacent to the white sashing?  Is the peacock/orange too out of character?  I like that blue/orange are complementary.  Without them the whole quilt is too pinky.  I think I can control percentages of each combo used, and where they land...

And for the record,  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this....  but can't imagine doing it!!  And definitely not with these particular colors..... but someday.   She has just published a book, which I probably cannot resist buying.


  1. OK I have been thinking about why I don't like the peacock fabric with the orange-kitchen-chair fabric. Because I like them both in their a: beautiful and b: kitchy ways. I think part of the issue is that their patterns are very similar size and busy-ness to each other. To go with the peacock fabric, I think you need a simpler, larger pattern.
    I might even prefer the peacock feathers with the fabric swatch in the upper left corner. And this might be reaching a little, but masybe the orange flowers with the light blue-white-light green pattern on the left??

  2. PS: The peacock feather fabric is so beautiful. From a distance it reminds me of the swirl of Van Gogh's sky in the Starry Night.

  3. I think you might be right! I also think I need another blue fabric and less pink/red... but I don't have much in my stash... shall I cheat.....????