Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good reviews

I picked up "Beacon in the Darkness" from the gallery today.    The person on staff was very complimentary and said that Trish, the owner, also liked my piece very much. She invited me to join in some of their figure drawing classes, but that's just not a direction I am drawn in.  However, itt was gratifying - I don't think it was just politeness.  I am pretty pleased with the outcome of that experiment.   Now to figure out what the next step is.

Meantime I can't resist scheming about the Brown Bag quilt.  I had to re-read the rules -  I can add as much as I want from my STASH, but can only purchase one new piece.   Yikes!  Being relatively new at this, and not having a huge stash,  I'm at a disadvantage.

BUT!  I just bought lots of red and pink last week so that counts as stash, right??  Yes!

I bought all sorts of things with this Valentine card plan in mind, then realized the prime time that people might think of purchasing a Valentine on Etsy coincides exactly with my two week vacation.  I wouldn't be able to ship anything while I'm out of the country.   So I'm not sure if I'll even bother.   I may just make a token attempt in order to get through the process of listing and understand how the shop setup works.

My Brown Bag exchange friend has given me some good links to pursue - With these fun colors and prints I think some sort modern block pattern would be good.

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