Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marriage? and Thorny

Photos have been pretty scarce around here lately, so here are a couple shots from recent work.  I finished up quilting, cropping and edging "Marriage?"    Zigzagging the edges made it really ruffled  - not sure what the solution to that is - other than don't zigzag.  I didn't care enough about this piece to spend hours in traditional binding or experimenting.  So I'm calling it done.

I have been working on embellishing "Thorny" for the last several days.  It's a good thing to keep busy with in front of the tv...  I don't have any real plan for it.  I just sat down with some print-outs from Laura W.'s Threaducation Thursday tutorials, a box of beads and threads that I had collected up for this and some other earth-toned pieces, and started sewing stuff on.  I like the extra zip that that the metallic threads add.


  1. The assignment was to do something based on the "Color Field Theory" of ca. 1950's art. However you might interpret that...