Sunday, January 9, 2011


We've got snow! Nothing to do with sewing but it's so pretty!

And it wouldn't be Milo's Cave without occasional pictures of Milo.

I'm surprised that I don't have dozens of blog posts with that title, it seems to be the story of my life.  After looking at all those Fresh Modern Ideas, I thought I had a direction.  Then as I was just randomly flipping through the most recent QA Magazine my eye fell on a reverse-applique tutorial by Beryl Taylor.    It includes the full-size view of the piece which is shown as a "teaser" on the cover of this DVD.  I'm "quite enamored" of it. And this made me wonder why I was focused on a bed quilt rather than a wall hanging.

But now I'm waffling back the other way.  For one thing, to meet the challenge, I have to use at least 90% of the two yards I was given.  And would stacking them up in pile, then cutting through some and not all really count as "using?"  Might the giver think I "wasted" beautiful fabrics?  Might I think so?  (Yeah, a little).
The other point is that the wall hanging at least in the illustration uses bright solid or finely patterned pieces.  These big bright prints would get lost.

So there.  I talked myself out of at least that wall hanging.  Not to say I won't find another option given a couple more hours to fiddle.  But I have work to do today.  And none of it involves fabric.  :(

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