Sunday, January 16, 2011


I got the block done last night  for the double secret project  - 38 pieces!  It's slightly wonky but I'm not going to worry about it.  One of the pieces was dimensioned wrong, which led me to get confused and spend an hour redrafting it.  that was obsessive, and really unnecessary, but It reassured me that I was not going to mess something up.   It also gave me good practice in how to create a pattern.  I've seen people selling patterns on Etsy, and with the ability and software to draft stuff out in Autocad, I've thought about that as a hobby.  The patterns I've actually bought have always been a disappointment - I end up feeling,  "I could do that,"  But the how-tos and directions are helpful.

If I'd created the pattern for the double secret project, I would have mentioned it would be easy to strip piece some of the smaller parts.

Now:  I hereby resolve that when I get back from vacation, I am not taking on any more volunteer projects, or challenges until I finish a few of these UFO's.  No matter HOW tempting they are.   I still have to do the Brown Bag quilt by March 1, and modify Cloister by March 9 if I am going to submit it to Sacred Threads.

So there.  You heard me.   Read me.  Whatever.

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