Friday, January 7, 2011

Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!

I'm such a genius! :)    I must have been psychic to have just bought these pink and red solids!    And can you believe, this peacock blue was a clearance find  - 2 3/4 yards for $10.25!!  I had no idea why I was buying it,  but now it is obvious!

Here are the four original Brown Bag Beauties (upper left) along with a bevy of goodies auditioning for inclusion in the next masterpiece.   Maybe not, with the orange... but then who knows....  There are definitely enough blues and pinks to control the chartreuse that was scaring me, but if "Otranto" (upper left) is to be the star, I need some balance with either a deep brown, or more green/orange.   Argh.  I'm going to study the 19,198 photos on the Fresh Modern Flickr page.  I know this can work.  The one piece I am allowed to buy is probably going to have to be a solid of some sort for sashing...    Maybe I won't go back to work.   ;)

I'm sort of thinking of one of those simple "four-patch slash" blocks, where I could mix and match  prints...

The more I stare at this, the more I think the orange really has a role.  It is very cool that it has the aqua and green in it.

6:00 pm -  Of course I hit Two Thimbles on the way home.  Can there be any doubt that this was meant to be my one purchased fabric?

It's almost a yin/yang relationship....  Love It!   (But of course I may just have to look a tiny bit at Fourth Corner before committing totally).


  1. To my eyes, they all "go" except the light blue-fuschia polka dot, the black and white, the white tiny polka dot, and the darkest pink solid (red?). I might chuck pink daisies, too.

  2. I'm stuck with the light blue since it came in the "brown bag." I did delete the black and white, and the pink daisies, but I'm hanging on to red and two pinks for now. At least until I figure out what the HECK I'm doing with it all.

  3. OK so the aqua/red dots, pink paisley, upper left dots, and the pink batik are the brown bag ones, right? I still love them all except the orange flowers and the red solid and the b&w.