Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yesterday was fiberlicious -

I found this gorgeous wool scarf on clearance while hunting for some warm weather items ("Fair trade from Katmandu, made in Nepal").  Also got a great batik dress, some cropped pants, and a linen top, all for well under $100.  

Stopped in to the yarn store where there was some luscious hand dyed cotton, but it was $38 and more than I could ever use in a lifetime.  So I asked the clerk in passing, would you ever consider saving your odds and ends to sell to us fiber-art people?
Like this, she says??  Whoa, yeah,  like that.  Oh, we just give those away for free.  Wow.  What a bonanza.  I'm not sure where or how, but they are going into the double secret project.

And right beside the free yarn - Felted yarn balls.   Sixteen cents each!  Sixteen CENTS!  Not sure why the pic is so dark, they're more cheerful than that.   They should work into the secret project, too, I hope.


  1. OK I joined just so I can read your blog and COMMENT lol. So now I am off to find out what the double super secret quilt is.

  2. Yay! You did it! The secret is that for this thing called a "shop hop" each quilt shop in the area makes it's own interpretation of the same quilt. Each shop has designed one of the blocks. I have been asked to do a block for the shop that I shop at frequently. But no one can see/find out what the design or concept is until the finished quilt is revealed. I'm trying to get it ready enought that I can take it with me on vacation and do some hand work during the many hours of travel time.