Saturday, January 8, 2011


I spent a number of hours yesterday afternoon and evening surfing Flickr for design ideas, particularly the Fresh Modern Quilts group that Andie suggested.  I posted some photos on Flickr a few years ago - Milo's puppyhood, so that must have been four years ago! - but have not used it since then, and never used it as a source for quilts, so this has been fun.  I discovered that there are many open groups that anyone can join... I think I still had in my mind that it was just a place where grandparents could go to see the kids christmas pics and post their boring travel pics.  lol.  I have a few of those up too.

Anywho with the groups and favorites function I was able to quickly create a set of intriguing design ideas for the Brown Bag Quilt.  I want to keep it simple, and use only rectangular pieces.  Many of the designs I like involve bright colored blocks with white or neutral sashing.   I just don't know if I have enough of that in my stash.   I do have the white Kona that I bought for Dear Jane,  I could scavenge that, then just buy more for the Jane project.  I don't want to cheat, but I also don't want to make a beautiful quilt then have ugly backing and binding...  Sigh.

So here are the fabrics I've narrowed it to - at least at the moment.  The white will disappear if it's used next to white sashing, but it could be a good break between two other brights.  Wish I had more of the theme fabric the middle-left.  But it will have to do.


  • sashing and backing
  • blocks that don't destroy pattern
  • enough variation in value but not too much
  • even distribution of colors - is green still an orphan
  • should I design all the blocks or just have at it, making 8 inch squares
  • should I make a full double bed quilt?  I have no use for a twin, and would have to sell or give away.

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