Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been doing "housekeeping items" lately.  Don't panic, nothing like actually vacuuming or dusting.  I resorted and restacked the fabric that had been threatening to collapse into chaos, and/or fall on the floor.   On the blog I went through and attached a few tags.  Mostly so I can look back at what I did when, I wasn't imagining a great horde of readers out there saying,  "Yes, now I can finally read all the Dear Jane posts!"

Then I saw a blog I liked, and the guy (yes, guy) had numbered all the quilts he ever made.  Obsessive/compulsive that I am, I immediately went into my gallery and did the same.  Counting projects, not just quilts, I'm on 17.  Ten of which were finished in 2010.  The rest UFO's.

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